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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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This High-End Gadget Tricks Small Pests In Your Home Into

Thinking Their End Is Near And Forces Them To Move Out!

Chosen because the ultrasonic sound makes various insects feel uncomfortable AND

is similar to the noise of insect-hunting bats.

Did you know that various pests and insects are crawling between your sheets and around the bed? We are sure you don't want to contaminate your home with poisonous bug sprays that may make you risk your family's health. Furthermore, bug sprays only have an acute and local effect, they are useless against chronic infestations.

It’s subtle: You can’t hear or smell it, the compact design makes it almost invisible, and the small wattage doesn’t make an impact on your electricity bill.

It also doesn’t emit a blue glow like traditional bug zappers, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep and can be used in your bedroom.

Small device, big impact - One Ultrasonic Pest Repeller covers about 50-80m², just a few of them can take care of your entire home!


Charger: Rechargeable

State: Solid
Applicable Area: 50-100 square meters
Time Used: 10 Hours
Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Pest Control Type: Traps
Power Source: Electrical
Design: Regular
Fragrance: Scentless
Category: Mosquito Repeller
Product: Electric Shock Mosquito-killing Lamp
Specification: Monolithic
Object: Mosquito
Packing: Box
Pest Type: Mosquitoes
Model Number: 99170
Use: Other
Use: Electronic Pest Repeller
Mosquito type: ultrasonic

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