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Sneaky Kitty Piggy Bank

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The sneaky cat that’s in the box steals your coins to help you save money!

This coin box is the Perfect Gift for any child and cat lover, or just anyone who needs a place to store coins. Who can resist that adorable little face that sneakily peeks out, eyeing for any coins on it’s plate!

Unlike ordinary boring piggy banks, this sneaky cat coin box is an interactive piggy bank that "steals" your coins and hide them safely away for rainy days!

It is the ideal gift for children because not only would it Entertain them for hours, it also helps them learn about saving money right from that young age.
You can already picture them smiling and laughing each time the little kitten pops out of the box to grab a coin!
It’ll make them look forward to saving their coins every time, just to see the cute little kitten’s face pop out!

Of course not just children, anyone would absolutely adore this kitty coin bank! Imagine seeing your pet cat having fun with this sneaky cat in a box!

It runs on just AA batteries and doesn’t have any other loose parts, making it safe and easy for pets and children to play with.

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for all ages,
The sneaky cat piggy bank coin stealer is definitely it!

Material: Plastic
Shape: Square
Size: 4.72*3.93*3.54 inches/12*10*9cm
Weight: 0.88lb/400g

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