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One Step Corn Kerneler

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A handy kitchen utensil that helps you removing corn from the cob. It has the shape similar to a donut. There is a circular blade with pointy teeth in the middle to help scraping the kernel off from the cob. 

Using it is simple. Just press the corn kerneler down a cob. One move and it is all done, easy and quick. You do not have to worry about corn dropping everywhere in the process and things get messy that you have to clean up afterwards. The container will automatically trap the corn until you finish. Subsequently, you can pour the corn out into a bowl or a cup through the opening on the container. The corn kerneler can later be dismantled and cleaned properly. 

What is so good about this tool? It is great because:

  • It is made of food grade ABS and stainless steel blade. Corn kerneler from Chubeestore is made of high quality ABS which is non-poisonous and has no foul smell unlike other non-food grade plastic. Stainless steel blade, on the other hand, will not get rusty.
  • It has a container designed to trap the corn once removed. Corn is long in shape and cutting using a knife can result in a mess on your kitchen table. Cutting using a corn kerneler, however, is efficient and the kernels are trapped well within the container and can be poured out easily afterwards.
  • It has circular blade. This model is specially design to the shape of a corn to be able to cut off corn effectively. You can scrape a corn very fast using this within seconds.  
  • It has removable cover. After finish using, you need to clean it with water and this can be done by removing the cover. It has twist locks so all you have to do is to turn the cover and it will be opened. 

How does corn kerneler works? It’s simple. Only 3 steps involved:

  1. Slide it down a corn cob from top all the way down to the bottom in one smooth action. That’s it! Done.
  2. Pour out the corn into a cup or a bowl through the opening mouth.
  3. Remove the cover by twisting it to dismantle and clean it properly after use.


  • If you find it difficult to pour out the corn, rinse them out with water into a strainer before transferring them into a cup or bowl.
  • If the corn size is big that the container quickly fill up itself when you are only halfway through pressing the tool down, consider go back up and pour out the corn first before trying it again. Or, the better way to do this is to cut the large corn into two equal pieces first before using this tool. 


Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Material: Plastic
Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Certification: CE / EU,CIQ,EEC,FDA,LFGB,SGS
Plastic Type: PP
Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Peelers & Zesters
Model Number: HG1321

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