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Magnetic Mesh Curtains

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When it’s warm, you love to open every door and let fresh air into your home. The trouble is, you’d end up letting in lots of bugs into your home as well!

Now, there is Magic Mesh - the new type of screen door that opens easily and then magically closes itself behind you.

So if your hands are full, or you have a forgetful family member, you can still let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out.

The secret isn’t really magic, it is magnet. 18 magnets to be exact. When you separate them, they automatically snap back together, so bugs have little chance to enter.

Magic Mesh is perfect for single doors, a must-have for sliding doors. It is even great for campers and RVs! Because even when your hands are full, Magic Mesh will snap close behind you.

  • “Perfect for Single Doors”
  • “Perfect for Sliding Doors”
  • “Perfect for Campers and RVS”

That makes it great for pets too because instead of scratching and whining, they can come and go as they please. And it puts an end to slamming doors because it closes gently every time.

  • “Closes Gently Every Time”

Plus it’s so easy to install! No nails, no screws, no tools.

  • “Easy to Install”
  • “No Nails. No Screws. No Tools”

Goes up in seconds, and stays up all season long.

  • “Installs in Seconds!”

No matter how often you, your kids, or your dog go through.

So let the fresh air in, and keep annoying bugs out.

Best of all, Magic Mesh saves you money because when its nice, leave those doors open. You won’t have to use air conditioning.

  • “Saves Money”

And when the weather turns chilly, just take it down and store it away for next year.

  • “Stores Easily”

Use one for your sliding door, one for your back door, one for your home, and the other for your RV!

Don’t delay, order yours today before they run out!

Please note that if you try to add them to your cart and get an error message, that means they've already Sold Out, so you can check back in Feb of 2017 when our second manufacturing round will arrive.

Use: Window
Model Number: Bug Divider Curtain
Type: Door & Window Screens
Screen Netting Material: Other

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