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+ Instant Paint Scratch Remover Pen

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Here’s a product that perfectly blends Simplicity and Effectiveness.

The Paint Scratch Remover Pen is the fastest solution to a common problem!
As the name suggests, it allows you to Remove Scratches on your car or motorcycle simply by Drawing Over the Scratch with the pen.

Regardless of your vehicle or paint color, the Paint Scratch Remover Pen can blend and cover the scratches till your vehicle looks Brand New Again!
What’s not to like about being able to make really quick repairs to your car’s finish by simply drawing a line along the damage?

This method is also definitely a lot cheaper than paying for a paint repair or respray. Why pay for Expensive scratch repairs? The Paint Scratch Remover Pen can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and did we mentioned that the outcome is Instant and Proffesional in Quality? It saves you all the countless hours you have to wait for your car at the workshop! Oh and don't forget, you can reuse it in the future, so you never have to worry about scratches again!

The coating by the Paint Scratch Remover Pen is also non-toxic, odorless, permanent and water resistant. After curing, you may also polish over the surface if you wish to do so.

Hurry stocks are limited and running out fast!

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Special Features: Instant Scratch Repair
External Testing Certification: CC Certified
Item Width: 1.5 inch
Item Length: 14.3 inch
Item Weight: 13 g