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EXCLUSIVE! 24K Golden Cards

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Gold is the color of prosperity. Bring style and class to any game by flaunting your wealth on game night with the full deck of certified 99.99% pure 24K gold playing cards. They feature high-grade gold foil in a lattice grid pattern on one side and a beautifully embossed 500 Euro bill design on the reverse.

Individually and exquisitely handcrafted with an extremely high level of detail using the latest gold plating techniques, this lavish deck of visually stunning playing cards is the perfect way to impress your mates.

Luxurious 24K Gold-Plated Playing Cards Designed to Impress

Made of high-quality casino-grade plastic material, these authentic 24K gold foil plated playing cards are also durable, highly flexible, scratchproof, waterproof, non-fade and environmentally friendly.

With an elegant design featuring double-sided color printed and rendered etching on each side, these playing cards clearly stand out from the regular, boring ones. They are pretty awesome when you have your mates over for game night.


Wonderful to hold and amazing to own, these 24k gold playing cards give you 54 new reasons to smile. This luxurious card set is the perfect gift for consummate card players, enthusiasts or avid collectors. You can also gift them to your friends and loved ones for their art value and uniqueness or simply immerse yourself in the joy of buying a deck.


With their clear three-dimensional pattern, different types of grain and varied gold embossed reflection texture, this impressive set of playing cards is all about making a statement. Start a new trend with this lustrous and sensational product that literally glitters with quality!


Enhanced using the world’s favorite precious metal, this remarkable 54-card deck adorned in real, pure 24-carat gold is also a great conversation piece for your home or office. Don’t fret about your poker card because you can raise the stakes of any card game with these 24K gold plated playing cards right now. The stakes just got higher! Hit the jackpot today!

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